The Palpable Route

Eco-worldview as second language

New habits and an ecological worldview cannot be adopted “the night before an exam”. Like a foreign language, they may take years of study and practice to become functional.

The palpable route

Everyone’s personal route, challenges, instruments, and milestones are different. However, our guiding lights are always with us: feelings, emotions, the vectors of our thoughts, the responses of other people, etc. Any “meaning in life” or a lack of it, argument or dogma can be cross-checked using these indicators of ecology. We are fully equipped to make the newly adopted (or forgotten) eco-language a native tongue.

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It will support the application of this book, provide actionable steps and daily emotional regulation guidance. Personalized means of emotional hygiene, eco-worldview adoption, handling of emotional issues and challenges.

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About the author

Valerii Verbovetskyi is an IT-entrepreneur, Emotional Education researcher and practitioner. This book is a result of his 12-year practical inquiry into viable means of emotional regulation. Integrating Emotional Education into business and personal routines of a software startup CEO. Application of scientific/psychological and spiritual/religious instruments and doctrines. The first 10,000 hours of test drives, failures and successes. The further ongoing verification and evolution. The palpable route.


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The Palpable Route to state-of-mind ownership

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