Dependency on money and well-being

Dependency on money and well-being

As with any notions we have been using our whole lives, money and well-being get intrinsically linked to all kinds of emotional reactions, and exaggerated priorities. They get inflated and polarized. Eventually, a neutral exchange equivalent (money) may get misperceived as an unquestionably desirable wish-fulfillment vehicle, worthy of “fighting for”, or at least worrying about…

There is nothing wrong with a natural wish to provide for the well-being of ourselves and people close to us. However, the process often gets burdened by a coinciding stream of non-ecological mental activity. Destructive emotions and thoughts aiming to control, harm or destroy everything and everyone impeding money- or any well-being-related wish fulfillment. The mind, under the influence of emotions, sees nothing wrong with non-ecological thoughts and considers them right and justifiable. If it even notices them at all.

But do they help? They are an ongoing source of bias, unhealthy interactions with others, an energy drain and eventually an impediment to the very desires we crave for. We cling to prospects, worry about losing a job or client, get jealous, angry and upset for reasons that can be addressed and removed. Hence, instead of sweeping money or well-being related destructive emotions under the rug, we can expose them to an ecological worldview, and prevent them from influencing our lives further.


Emotional dependency on money and well-being reflects obsolete views, habits and exaggerated priorities that can be fixed.