Just noticing an emotion, being mindful is not enough

Just noticing an emotion, being mindful is not enough

Please remember a recent strong emotion:
– Could you fully escape its influence? (just by “noticing it”)
– Did it stop arising afterwards? (for previous triggers)

Mindfulness is just the first step of a systems framework required to change the internal causes of emotion so that a balanced, constructive response arises naturally instead.

Just noticing an emotion does not make us immediately free from its influence. We are temporarily switching attention from the trigger to the process of noticing. Thus, we stop “feeding” the emotion. Its residual trail and impact are gradually fading out. However, the impact reignites as soon as we focus on the trigger again.

If the emotion keeps repeating that means its causes are still there. And the impact.

Mindfulness reach

Please note our ability to notice and recognize emotions, the reach of mindfulness is also impacted, obscured by our currently active emotions. We are to tackle agitations to enjoy a clear, unobstructed view.

Residual emotions

Actually, we can “disarm” an emotion just by noticing it. If it is not supported by the internal causes.

Which means we have either:
– processed the causes successfully
– or had none of them in the first place