Training resilience and ability to adapt

Training resilience and ability to adapt

Some of us seem to have been born with resilience and an ability to adapt to the most stressful circumstances. However, even the best of us eventually face crisis situations that trigger otherwise latent destructive emotions, making us lose our cool. How do we prepare ourselves to embrace the yet unknown challenges?

Resilience, an ability to adapt, as well as other Emotional Intelligence competencies, can be trained. In fact, they are organic outcomes of an established (actually functional) ecological worldview and emotional regulation routines. Basically, if there are no unresolved internal issues to give rise to destructive emotions, or if there are — we know how to handle them.

Hence (surprise!), it is about personal holistic change, exercised regularly. We train our “internal change muscle” so the next time the mind hits the wall of a “no way out” situation, its reflex is to cease destructive activity, not to amplify it. Thus, improving our ratio of bounce-back vs. life-knocks-us-down situations.


Training resilience and our ability to adapt is about reducing the number of hot buttons that can undermine these skills, continuously regulating our emotions.