Fake news and manipulations

Fake news and manipulations

How we do we know if we are being manipulated, lied to? If the information offered by a media or person talking to us is “fake news”? The last mile of any information is human perception. If our minds are not clouded by active biases it is easier to reveal inauthenticity. However, there is no quick-fix. It takes becoming authentic to read if another person isn’t.

Perception prism

Revealing the truth is much more realistic if the listener (news reader, person being manipulated) is not emotionally involved. Otherwise, their destructive mental activity switches on a biased perception that lets even clear clues of a lie go unnoticed. It’s like being in urgent romantic pursuit of a person and thus turning a blind eye to any contradictions just to get them. This is how shady media outlets, trolls and fraudsters play on our fears, anger, greed or intolerance to get us where they want to.

A critical component is a perception that is not influenced by our interests or internal issues. If we lack such an unskewed mirror we interpret information by a mind clouded by emotions. To make matters worse, we are frequently not aware of issues that covertly deform the way we see things.

Correct interpretation

Our ability to reveal deception is largely based on almost intangible feelings associated with arguments and the “facts” in question. We probe information internally — how does it feel? Are the “facts” accompanied and obscured by our agitation, emotional pressure? Or can we step aside and assess the facts and logic with a clear head?

Avoid rushing to conclusions. Allow time for the dust to settle… Step back from the situation for a while — until clarity arrives and we can assess the information and reason without self-deception.

Becoming authentic

We cannot be counter-intuitive 24/7, and then suddenly suppress internal issues and emotions to benefit from clear perception at will. Getting to recognize the voice of our intuition takes time and effort. Clearing the clouds of agitated mental activity, continuously reverting to peace of mind.


It takes becoming authentic to tell if another person isn’t.